A Brief Background
Hager's Crossing Homeowners' Association, Inc., referred to simply as Hager's Crossing, was established in February 2003 under the laws of the State of Maryland. HCHOA is comfortably nestled amidst the peaceful beauty of historic Hagerstown, Maryland [21740], which is part of Washington County.  In April 2008 the Association made the smooth transition from being run by the Developer [The Rachuba Group] to being run by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteers elected by the members of the Association.
The Association's governing documents describe Hager's Crossing as a Planned Development association.  The Master Plan envisions a community comprised of single family detached homes, townhomes, and villa-style condominiums. As of January 2022 there are over 255 townhomes,  and 154 single-family homes, resulting in a total of 409 units.  By the time Phases I & II of the subdivision are completed (sometime in 2023), the Developer envisions there will be a total of 801 units in the Community [158 condominium units or equivalent quads, 258 townhome units, and 385 single-family units].
HCHOA is proud of the many amenities available to its residents.  The amenities include the following:
  • Community center
  • Adult and 'kiddie' pools
  • Exercise room
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Tot-lots
  • Soccer field

The residents of HCHOA enjoy the use of these amenities, along with access to acres of common areas.  Funding for the operation of the amenities as well as the cost for landscaping and beautification come from the Association members, and even with all the amenities and the costs to maintain the common areas, Hager's Crossing still has one of the lowest Association fees [assessments] in Washington County.

In addition to the beauty of the Hager's Crossing community, the development is also ideally located near major thoroughfares such as I-70 & I-81.  These interstates provide quick commutes to various restaurants, shopping outlets, and recreation facilities. Please note that the pool and clubhouse was built to accommodate the community.

If you are a resident of Hager's Crossing, please take the time to register on this web site so that you may have access to all the information, as well as be included in our e-mail communication.  If you are a visitor, we look forward to you making Hager's Crossing the place you call home.  Until then, please enjoy the general access links such as photos and other content.

The Hager's Crossing Board of Directors hopes this website will:

  • Keep residents informed concerning activities of the Association
  • Improve communication among residents, Board Members, and the Property Management Company
  • Foster an improved comprehension of the work of the HOA Board as well as the Committees
  • Facilitate the implementation of Association policies and procedures
  • Provide residents with convenient access to Rules, Policies and Procedures
  • Improve and standardize the implementation of the Rules and Policies
  • Provide for future expansion of the site without costly redesign

Below are additional information that you may find beneficial:

All Hager's Crossing postal mail should be sent to:
Hager's Crossing Homeowners' Association, Inc.
c/o James Appel or Kyle Thomas
Property Management People [PMP]
92 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 170
Frederick, MD 21702
Phone: 301.694-6900 EXT 1033 or 800.336.8009
Fax: 301.694.9514
Developer:  The Rachuba Group
Featured Builder:  Richmond American Homes

Rights & Responsibilities for a Better Community
Hager's Crossing Homeowners Have the Right To:
  1. A responsive and competent community Association.
  2. Honest, fair and respectful treatment by community leaders and managers.
  3. Participate in governing the community Association by attending meetings, serving on committees and standing for election.
  4. Access appropriate Association books and records.
  5. Prudent expenditures of fees and other assessments.
  6. Live in a community where the property is maintained according to established standards.
  7. Fair treatment regarding financial and other Association obligations, including the opportunity to discuss payment plans and options with the Board of Directors and or its representative before foreclosure is initiated.
  8. Receive all documents that address rules and regulations governing the community association -- if not prior to purchase and settlement by a real estate agent or attorney, then upon joining the community.
  9. Appeal to appropriate community leaders those decisions affecting non-routine financial responsibilities or property rights.
Hager's Crossing Homeowners Have the Responsibility To:
  1. Read and comply with the governing documents of the community.**
  2. Maintain their property according to established standards. Submit Architectural application for projects (outside)
  3. Treat Association leaders honestly and with respect.
  4. Vote in community elections and on other issues.
  5. Pay Association assessments and charges on time.
  6. Contact Association leaders or managers, if necessary, to discuss financial obligations and alternative payment arrangements.
  7. Request reconsideration of material decisions that personally affect them.
  8. Provide current contact information to Association leaders or managers to help ensure they receive information from the community in a timely manner.
  9. Ensure that those who reside on their property (e.g. tenants, relatives, friends) adhere to all rules and regulations.
Source: Adapted from Community Associations Institute.